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Few Important Border Exceptions To Enter New Zealand

Border Exceptions

When the pandemic first hit in early 2020, New Zealand closed its borders to the world to safeguard the people in the country. However, as the world started to adapt to Covid-19, the New Zealand Government announced some border exceptions to allow only people with critical purposes to enter the country.

Keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has listed several exceptions that allow you to apply for a critical purpose visa. Therefore, you can begin the visa application process under the appropriate category right away if you meet the requirements.

Border Exception For Overseas Qualified Teachers

In July 2021, New Zealand’s Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced that 300 overseas qualified Teachers would be allowed into New Zealand. The Ministry of Education will invite applications for teachers from September 2021 onwards.

This initiative gives principals and services additional support, with the 2022 recruitment right around the corner, and complement existing teacher supply initiatives. It was even stated that teachers who worked in New Zealand but were outside the country when the borders closed and could not return to their jobs would be eligible for the border exception. New Zealand is even making arrangements for visas of the dependants and partners of the teachers already in NZ, in line with the principal applicant’s visa duration.

More Leverage To Critical Health Workers

Critical health workers are currently in great demand in New Zealand. They must meet certain criteria outlined by INZ to be eligible to apply for a border exception. You can include partners & dependent children as well.

Dairy Farmworkers About Visa

The New Zealand Government has granted border exceptions for dairy farm workers – for up to 150 dairy farm managers in management roles, 50 dairy farm assistants, 50 GP veterinarians. The exception has also been extended to their partners and dependent children. In addition, 125 agriculture/ horticulture mobile plant machine operators and 40 shearers are also part of the border exception. However, they must meet certain specific criteria to apply for a visa.

With the New Zealand government making so many exceptions and ease of applying for visas to New Zealand, nothing stops you from applying for a visa. The long wait can now be over, and the visa process can continue without any problems. So GET YOUR PROFILE ASSESSED TODAY FOR ELIGIBILITY!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility or want any assistance with your immigration needs. Our team of experienced and Licensed Immigration Advisers is here to assist and navigate you on all your immigration-related queries and confusions. Contact us at [email protected] or call on +64 09 3790219.

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