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Further Changes to Essential Skills Work Visa Application and Labour Market Test

Essential Skills Work Visa

Immigration New Zealand has made some important changes to processes in recent times.
Here are the highlights.

Changes to Essential Skills Visa Application Form:

Applicants must provide the updated version of the Employer Supplementary Form. If applying before 30 August 2021, applicants will have to print and complete the Essential Skills Work Visa Application Form. From 30 August 2021 onwards, applicants will be able to apply online using the updated form.

INZ recommends waiting until 30 August 2021 if applicants are currently in the process of applying for an Essential Skills Work Visa and use the updated online form. Applications made using the original online form will remain eligible.

Labour Market Test:

Employers no longer have to meet the labour market test requirements for workers who have remained in their full-time employment and not changed their role, employer or region of work.

Electronic Signature Changes:

Paper based applications usually require a hand written signature. To streamline the process, Immigration New Zealand will now accept electronic signatures from applicants. However, scanned signatures will not be accepted.

Documentation for partners and dependent children:

Partners and dependent children of Essential Skills Work Visa Holders will not have to provide medical and police certificates if submitted with a previous visa application.

Until 30 Aug 2021, partners and dependent children will have to print and complete the application form. From 30 August 2021 onwards, they will be able to apply online on the updated forms.

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