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Future of International Education in New Zealand

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PANDEMIC.. this word has created uncertainty all over the world. People are struggling to adapt to its huge impact, which has left everyone anxious about their future. We cannot turn a blind eye to the social, political and economic disruption that the pandemic has caused. Even though the news of the vaccine has left us hopeful of the future, it is too early to rejoice until the vaccine is tested and made available to all. Having said that, the response of New Zealand to the pandemic has been historic. New Zealand is one of the very few countries that managed to face the pandemic with minimal hardships to its citizens.

However, we cannot deny the impact of the pandemic on the education sector of New Zealand. Many students have had to change their study plans. Some students opted to leave New Zealand. However, those who chose to remain in New Zealand were the lucky ones. The education of onshore international students has in no way been allowed to get affected by the New Zealand government due to the pandemic.

We can soon expect some good news for even those who are intending to study in New Zealand in future. Education New Zealand and Immigration New Zealand has put a recovery plan in place with pathways initiative. As per media reports, this pathway programme is likely to start building a diverse stream of qualified international students for New Zealand’s universities as of March 2021.

The Minister of Education Chris Hipkins has given a statement saying that this ground-breaking initiative will give students around the world more choice and flexibility when it comes to how and when they gain a high-quality New Zealand education.

Team Immigration Advisers New Zealand can assure those who are undecided about where to pursue their higher education that New Zealand is the best place to study. They can check this claim themselves merely by looking at how little or no impact onshore students had with their education due to the pandemic.

What Do Students Want?

The answer to this would have certainly been different before the pandemic. However, the answer now would be to come and study in an environment where the student’s interests are protected, and external factors do not impact education. Those studying in New Zealand would vouch that they continued their education without much hindrance in a safer environment as opposed to many around the world. As we are all hopeful that we will soon be able to return to our normalcy, New Zealand has emerged as one of the safest and finest places to pursue primary, secondary or tertiary education.

New Zealand: A Better Alternative for International Students

There is no argument that New Zealand handled the pandemic better than most other countries. Where more powerful countries such as the USA and the UK have failed, New Zealand not only managed it well but ensured that people suffered as little hardships as possible.

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the safest places at present for students. New Zealand is one of the best destinations for international students and offers a range of course options to cater to all education needs. Indeed, there are challenges ahead. But with all the perks and facilities the country offers – and its administrative efficiency – New Zealand now stands as one of the superlative destinations for international students to enjoy high-quality education and a better standard of living in a safe environment.

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