General Information

Applying for a Visa – What You Need to Know

  • Commitment – You must show your commitment to living in New Zealand to get permanent residency status.
  • Children – Your children can usually come to New Zealand either as named people on your application or via their own application that is based on their relationship with you. They need to be dependent on you, meet the age requirements for the specific visa, and be single.
  • Applying for a visa – You can apply online or manually.
  • Pregnant – If you are pregnant and are applying for a temporary visa, you should check how much you will be required to pay for healthcare.
  • At the airport – New Zealand’s airports have immigration control areas which you will need to pass through when you arrive.
  • Interim visa – If you get an interim visa the conditions will be based on your previous visa and the new one you’re applying for.
  • Non-principal applicants – Usually, non-principal applicants can only get residency once the principal applicant gets it.
  • APEC – Streamlined travel processes are available if you are from a participating APEC country.
  • Partners – You may be able to come to New Zealand if your partner is already here or is applying for a visa.
  • When your visa expires – You can’t stay in New Zealand once your visa expires.
  • Deportation – You may be deported if you stay in New Zealand after your visa expires.
  • Sponsorship – You have legally binding responsibilities if you sponsor someone applying for a visa.
  • Transit visa waiver – Depending on the country you are from, you may not need a visa if you are here as a transit passenger.
  • Checks – Immigration New Zealand carries out several checks when you travel to ensure you are allowed to come to New Zealand.
  • Variation of conditions – If the circumstances of your visa changes, you can apply for a variation of conditions.
  • Variation of resident visa travel conditions – Travel conditions let people with a resident visa leave and return to New Zealand. If yours expires, you should apply for a variation of travel conditions.
  • Visa waiver countries – New Zealand has agreements in place with a number of countries that allows you to visit New Zealand for short periods of time without the need for a visa.
  • Special processing arrangements – Special arrangements are in place to process some visitor visas.

For help or advice with your visa application, please contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand today. Call 09 3790219.