Health Information

Visa Health Information

You must be in reasonably good health to get a visa to come to New Zealand. The visa health information you may be asked to provide includes:

  • Medical certificate – If you will be staying in New Zealand for longer than 12 months. This doesn’t apply if you are applying for a student visa except under certain conditions such as if you’ve ever had a blood transfusion or been exposed to a serious and infectious disease. You may also have to provide a medical certificate if you come from a country that has high HIV risk factors.
  • Chest x-ray – Chest x-rays are used to screen for tuberculosis. If you come from a country with a low incidence of this disease you won’t need one. If this doesn’t apply to you, and you’re coming to New Zealand for six months or more, you will need a chest x-ray.

Your medical certificate and x-ray must be complete by a physician approved by Immigration New Zealand. These are known as panel physicians.

Please contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand for more help or advice on the health information you will need to provide as part of your visa application. Call 09 3790219.