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Hiring Overseas Workers for Working in New Zealand

Hiring Overseas Workers for Working in New Zealand

Many jobs are available in New Zealand for those who want to migrate to this beautiful country. However, realising the issue’s sensitivity, the New Zealand Government allows New Zealand employers who cannot find suitable New Zealanders to fill vacancies and recruit workers from overseas.

Overseas recruitment is a long and tedious process that is complex, costly and time-consuming and therefore requires planning, patience and perseverance from NZ employers.

Plan the Recruitment Process

The planning can take into consideration following factors:

  • Find out the requirements for supporting a migrant worker’s visa application and see if the job vacancy meets visa category requirements.
  • Be aware of the cultural differences and consider what skills and qualifications from different countries would suit the New Zealand workplace.
  • The job advertised must be able to reach its target audience overseas. Employers can have tie-ups with recruitment agencies or the local Economic Development Agency.
  • Country-specific rules and regulations need to be taken into consideration.
  • Be mindful of the timeframes as the journey from deciding to recruit overseas workers to get a visa is a long one. Advertising vacancies, evaluating CVs, interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks, and visa application processing take time.

Besides the employer, newly recruited overseas workers also need time to prepare their documentation for the visa process and prepare to move to a new country. In addition, getting medical and police clearance certificates and renewing passports often need clarification from the Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) acting on your behalf. On top of that, some jobs require occupational registration, which also takes time.

Advertising Jobs

When advertising jobs, avoid using slang, colloquial language and confusing phrases. Make sure that the advertisement is simple, clear and to the point. Include a clear and realistic job description that is easy to understand for anyone. Mention key information like the job title, salary, leave provisions etc. If the employer provides boarding & lodging, he can include the information in the job advertisement.

Avoid Biases

The employer must avoid biases in the recruitment process to reap the benefits of diversity. Biases can lead to missing out on finding the best person for the job. Avoid unconscious stereotypes like selecting persons with English-sounding names or persons of a particular gender. Instead, focus on what is important – the experience and skill of the candidate.

Benefits of Hiring Migrant Workers

Though recruiting migrants is a long, drawn-out process, it does have its benefits. Diversity helps to bring in talent from across the globe with a wide range of knowledge, problem-solving skills, technical know-how and connections. In addition, having effective hiring processes for migrant workers can help attract suitable candidates and find the right person.

Recruitment is a very important process of finding the right candidate for the job which will benefit the organization. It’s best to plan, be prepared, avoid biases and be open-minded.

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