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How To Become An English Teacher In New Zealand?

How To Become An English Teacher In New Zealand?

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Are teachers needed in New Zealand? Yes, they’re needed. New Zealand is a country where students from all backgrounds, religious beliefs, income levels, ethnic groups are welcomed. Our previous blogs revealed that teaching in New Zealand is highly rewarding. New Zealand education system is one of the best in the world, the pay is excellent, and the nation has an ethos that places a premium on work-life balance. So yes, there are opportunities for teachers in New Zealand, and it is pretty appealing.

New Zealand has always been a popular destination. It is home to many international students who come from various countries. Some of these students may be from a non-English speaking background.

They require extensive training in the English language to assimilate into the system. There is no shortage of English-taught schools that teach English to these international students how to speak, read and write. Also, many education providers that run summer schools for people from non-English-speaking countries undertake extensive coaching and groom them to use the language fluently.

If you are an English language expert/ trainer and would like to come to New Zealand to teach English, you can explore various options like:

  • Teaching in Schools
  • Teaching in Language schools or Tertiary Institutes,and
  • Teaching in Universities

Teaching in Schools

If you desire to teach English in New Zealand schools, you must hold a teacher registration along with an English language certificate. There are various requirements to be fulfilled before you can register yourself. However, the demand for English teachers in schools is not much.

Teaching in schools has three levels included:  Early Childhood Education (from birth to school entry age), Primary and Secondary Education (from 5 to 19 years) and Further education (higher and vocational education)

To fulfil the existing requirement for teaching the English language, there are many language schools and institutions that require English teachers, or as they are called ESOL teachers (Teachers of English for speakers of other languages).

English language teachers can work in a public school, university, or private language school.

Teaching in Language schools or Tertiary Institutes

There are many education providers in New Zealand which offer various English language courses. They range from general English to academic English to IELTS preparation etc.

The duration of these courses varies from one week to even one year. If you are a certified trainer and hold certificates like ESOL, TESOL, CELTA, etc. you can be eligible to teach at these institutes.

Teachers are graduating every year in New Zealand, but they’re insufficient to meet the demand. It is a challenge that’s been around for quite some time, not at the primary level, but at the secondary (high school) level.

Teaching in Universities

If you desire to teach at an NZ University, it would be preferred that you hold a Master’s degree in TESOL or linguistics.

Suppose you desire to teach the English language in New Zealand and do not hold any of the qualifications mentioned above, you can come to New Zealand to study these qualifications.

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