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How To Get Prior Learning Or Experience Credited To Get A New Qualification In New Zealand

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Cross Credit and How International Students in NZ Can Save Time and Money

Due to the pandemic, New Zealand borders are closed. However, this doesn’t mean the international students who want to study in this island nation have to “wait” for things to get back to normal. In addition to enhancing their skills and knowledge, they can do several other things to save their time and money when they do get enrolled in a college/university program.

Benefits of Cross Credit

If you’re clear on which New Zealand university you want to study in and what program you want to pursue, find out chosen program’s curriculum/structure and what type of papers it includes. Once you know about the courses, find a similar course online and sign up for them. Provided the course you did was relevant and successfully-completed, you could be eligible for credit recognition. This will allow you to reduce the number of papers you need to take at the diploma, bachelors (undergraduate) or post graduate level. Subsequently, this will also help international students save time and money. However consultation needs to be done with a License Immigration Adviser around the impact of duration of post study work visa rights.

NZ Universities encouraging international students

In fact, many top universities are recommending international students to apply for cross-credits. It’s worth noting, though, that different universities have their own requirements. So, the university you’re planning for admission into, make sure you understand their terms on cross-credits and how they deal with it. Some of them may happily apply cross-credits to your record, while others may not.

In any case, you will have to submit academic transcripts or/and work experience that will prove you are eligible for the cross credits. You would also be asked several questions regarding the program or / and work experience and its relevance to you regarding the academic and career progression it offers to you. The university faculty will go through the application, your request, and then once you check all the right boxes, your cross-credits will finally be approved.

If you need more information about cross credits and how it can save time and money in your studies for undergraduate Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters degree, please feel free to connect with Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd talk to our Licensed Immigration Advisers and address all your concerns.

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