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How to obtain Permanent Residence in New Zealand

How to obtain Permanent Residence in New Zealand

Obtaining a New Zealand permanent resident visa is a multi-step process that involves the interpretation of Immigration New Zealand’s (INZ) residence policies and determining one’s eligibility under these policies. Here is a simplified and broad overview of the process involved:

Have an Acceptable Standard of Health and Character:

To be eligible for a New Zealand permanent resident visa, the two primary requirements are to be of good character and have an acceptable standard of health.

If you do not have any court cases, have never been removed or deported from another country and are not prohibited from entering another country, you are likely to be considered as being of good character as per INZ. To be considered healthy, you should not be suffering from any health condition that is likely to require significant care and/or hospitalization in New Zealand. However, the assessment of health and character may not always be straightforward. Therefore, if there is any ambiguity in your mind, the best solution would be to approach a Licensed Immigration Adviser and have an honest and open discussion with your adviser.

Choose a Residence Category:

Once you have ticked off health and character, the next step would be to identify the most suitable Residence Pathway. The New Zealand government has several different categories of residency in New Zealand.

These are –

Each category has its eligibility requirements, so choosing the category that best fits your circumstances is important. It is strongly recommended that you consult a licensed immigration adviser to guide you appropriately in determining the most suitable pathway for obtaining residence in New Zealand.

Processing Time Frames:

Before getting a Permanent Resident Visa, you must obtain residence in New Zealand. Processing times for residence and permanent residency applications vary, but it is generally a good idea to allow several months for a decision to be made. You will be notified by Immigration New Zealand if your application is successful or if additional information is required.

I hope this information is helpful! If you have more questions about applying for a permanent resident visa in NZ, do not hesitate to seek advice from a licensed immigration adviser.

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