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How To Reduce Evidence Of Funds Required By An International Student To Study In New Zealand

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New Zealand Continued Border Closure

It is now an irrefutable fact that New Zealand has become one of the best countries to gain a higher qualification. All the universities of New Zealand rank in the top 3% of universities in the world. It is considered one of the safest countries for international students, even more so due to how they have handled the pandemic.

For the continued safety of people inside New Zealand, until international travel becomes safe, New Zealand has currently suspended processing offshore student visas. The next intake that is being currently looked at by the international students is January 2022.

Online Studies – Cost-effective

New Zealand’s education providers to assist prospective international students looking to come and study in New Zealand once the borders open have come with multiple online study options. This will significantly reduce the evidence of funds required to be submitted by a student when applying for a student visa to Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Reduced Funds Requirement

An international student needs to provide evidence of the funds to pay for tuition fees and the cost of living for the course duration to INZ. Identifying this as an opportunity to help prospective international students during the pandemic, most education providers now provide a platform to study a part of the qualification online.

This is very beneficial to the student, as part of the courses being offered online has lower tuition fees. Many education providers are giving scholarships and discounts to study their courses online.

A student can save approximately 20% of the total tuition fee payable for the course on average. Additionally, there is no requirement to incur any associated costs like student levy fee, insurance etc. Students also do not have to cater to the living cost for the entire duration of the course. All this helps an international student budget and reduce international education cost.

Benefits Of Online Course

There are many online courses that education providers are currently offering. These could be Diploma’s, Bachelor or even Masters; however, care needs to be taken only that part of the course is done online, which does not affect the Post Study Work Visa.

The student can study one paper for up to two years from the comfort of his/her home. Studying online is beneficial to the students in terms of financial gain and helping them familiarise themselves with the education system of New Zealand.

One of the challenges an international student faces when studying overseas is the country’s different education system. They struggle to settle in a new country and adjust to the new education system, which would differ from their home country. Learning a part of the qualification online helps them to become familiar with the requirements.

They understand the process of writing an assignment and attempting exams. This helps them to settle faster when they come to New Zealand and start studying face to face.

Cross Credits and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

All the papers or courses which a student does online will be cross credited. It means that the student will not be required to repeat those papers when they come to New Zealand to complete their qualification.

For example, if a student has applied for a Masters, which has 180 credit points, then studying 60 credits online will only leave the balance of 120 credits to be studied in New Zealand.

Education providers of New Zealand also recognise qualifications gained by the students in their respective home countries. If a student is planning to study a qualification in New Zealand and feels that they have done a part of that qualification in their home country, they can request the education provider to consider recognising their previous qualification and provide them with credits. This would help them to complete the desired qualification in a lesser time.

An example would be when a student has completed or is studying a Bachelor’s qualification in the home country and is planning to continue the same in New Zealand. The education provider can compare the course offered in their home country with their own qualification and provide cross credits. This would reduce the duration of completing the Bachelor’s in New Zealand and allow the student to complete the course faster. This not only reduces the duration of the course but also reduces the financial requirements.

Dual Qualification

Some education providers are offering certificates on completion of the online course. For example, if you complete 60 credits of the Masters course, you will receive a post-graduate certificate, a New Zealand governments recognised qualification. Once you continue and finish the New Zealand qualification, you will get another certificate for completing your Master’s course.

Post Study Work Visa

New Zealand provides post-study work rights to international students who successfully meet the designated qualification criteria. The duration of the post-study work rights depends on the qualification international student completes in New Zealand. This ranges from one to three years. The provision of post-study work rights provided by New Zealand is an excellent way to familiarise themselves with the work opportunities.

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If you are an international student planning to study in New Zealand, please contact us at Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. Our Licensed Immigration Advisers team will help you select the right course and education provider and get the best cost reduction benefits. We will guide you to use the opportunity to do part of the course through online studies and reduce the evidence of funds required to be submitted with your student visa application when lodging it is INZ.

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