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Immigration Instructions for Accredited Employer Work Visa

Immigration Instructions Announced for the New Accredited Employer Work Visa

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) will replace 6 different work visas to bring in standardization. Migrants can start applying for the AEWV from 4 July 2022.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has now announced the immigration instructions that will apply to the new AEWV. Employers can start applying for accreditation wef 23 May 2021.

The objective of the AEWV is to ensure that NZ employers recruit migrant workers for genuine shortages without displacing New Zealanders.

Who is an accredited employer?

An accredited employer is a New Zealand employer who has got an employer accreditation application or an interim accreditation approved by INZ.

Employer Accreditation – the basics

New Zealand employers need to be accredited under the new system in order to hire migrant workers.

An accredited employer must have a job check approved by INZ for any vacancy the employer needs to be filled with migrant workers.

There are 2 types of employer accreditation:

  1. Standard Accreditation – for employers wanting to hire up to five migrants at one time.
  2. High Volume Accreditation – for employers wanting to hire six or more migrants at one time.

An employer can upgrade from standard to high volume accreditation.

Employers who place migrants in triangular employment arrangements (eg. with labour-hire employers) and employers who are franchisees must meet additional requirements.

It is important to note that a job check or an AEWV will not be approved if the employment is self-employment or related to the horticulture/viticulture industry.

Requirements for getting accreditation

For employer accreditation applications to be approved, employers must meet certain requirements like the business/organization must be viable & genuinely operating, complete the settlement support activities i.e. provide some mandatory information related to the local community, services & employee work-related matters to the applicant), comply with employment, immigration & business standards.

An immigration officer may decline an application if an employer is similar to another organization that does not meet the accreditation requirements.

Several factors will be taken into consideration while determining this.

Subsequent Employer Accreditation Applications

For subsequent employer accreditation applications, INZ will take the employer’s compliance record into consideration.

Validity/Currency of Employer Accreditation

Employer accreditation will be granted for 12 months or 24 months depending on certain criteria. INZ will grant Interim Employer Accreditation in certain situations.

Right of Appeal/ Reconsideration

If an employer accreditation application is declined, there is no right of appeal. However, INZ may reconsider the decision if the reconsideration request is made within 14 calendar days of the date of the decision. New information or change in circumstances after the decision was made will not be taken into consideration. Also, a fee will have to be paid when a reconsideration request is made.

Suspending & Revoking Employer Accreditation

INZ will suspend or revoke an employer’s accreditation if there is potential non-compliance. The suspension will be for up to 3 months or until an outcome is reached on an ongoing investigation.

Also, when an accredited employer merges with a non-accredited one, the accreditation will be deemed revoked.

Employer Accreditation Stand Down Periods

Fines and stand-down periods will be applicable when accreditation applications have been declined or revoked.

23 May 2022 onwards NZ employers can start applying for accreditation. Employers must ensure that they get accredited on time in order to hire migrant workers.

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