Immigration Problems

Resolving Immigration Problems

Immigration law is complex but our team has extensive experience in handling all potential issues. immigration problems Even in difficult cases we can give you expert advice and help you move forward. Here are some of the common immigration problems we deal with:

  • Potentially Prejudicial Information – You can make comments and submit supporting evidence if Immigration New Zealand has concerns which may negatively affect the outcome of your visa application…Read More
  • Character issues – If Immigration New Zealand identifies a character issue that is preventing you from being granted a visa, we can help you get a character waiver or a special direction…Read More
  • Medical issues – If you are assessed as not having an acceptable standard of health, your case will be referred to Immigration New Zealand’s medical assessor. This is to determine if your condition is likely to place significant demands or costs on New Zealand’s health services…Read More
  • Section 61 requests – This applies if you have become unlawful by, for example, over staying in New Zealand. A specialist team in Immigration New Zealand handles these situations via a Section 61 request. The objective of this request is to make you lawful again…Read More
  • Immigration appeals – You may decide to appeal against a decision made by Immigration New Zealand. Appeals are heard at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT).Read More
  • Special Directions – The Minister of Immigration in the New Zealand Government can issue a special direction on any matter related to immigration. The decision to give a special direction is a matter of absolute discretion, and no person has the right to apply for a special direction…Read More
  • Complaints – We can also help you go through the Client Complaint Resolution Process(CCRP), if you want to make a complaint about a service provided by Immigration New Zealand, or where you think that they have failed to follow their own processes…Read More
  • Deportation – One of the most stressful and difficult situations that you can face as an immigrant in New Zealand is the threat of deportation. This can happen for a range of reasons. If it applies to you, we can offer professional advice and help.