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We can also help you go through the Client Complaint Resolution Process(CCRP), if you want to make a complaint about a service provided by Immigration New Zealand, or where you think that they have failed to follow their own processes. This avenue is most often taken to contest a declined visa application where there is otherwise no right of reconsideration.

CCRP has 2 stages, while the stage 1 complaint should be made to the operations manager of the branch where the matter was handled, stage 2 complaint can be taken up with the Deputy Executive of Immigration. The stage 2 complaints can be emailed to dcecomplaints@mbie.govt.nz as soon as possible after you receive immigration’s response to your first complaint.

However, please note that If you want a decision overturned (for example, in relation to a visa application or a request for a visa under section 61 of the Immigration Act), you must identify clearly the grounds for your complaint.

Please note that if a satisfactory outcome is not obtained through completing both stages of the Complaints Process there is still the option of taking the matter to the Office of the Ombudsman. However, there must be something wrong with the decision making process rather than just the outcome before an Ombudsman will intervene.

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