Potentially Prejudicial Information

Potentially Prejudicial Information

You can make comments and submit supporting evidence if Immigration New Zealand has sent you a Potentially Prejudicial Information Letter (PPI), highlighting the concerns which may negatively affect the outcome of your visa application.

Although in order to follow the fair and natural justice process you have been given an opportunity to comment before a decision is made on your application, you must take the matter seriously. The stakes invariably become high when you receive one of these letters, as essentially Immigration New Zealand is now positioning itself to fairly decline your application.

Please note that for the applicants who are outside New Zealand submission of false or misleading information by an applicant or their agent is not PPI as that information has been obtained from the applicant or their agent.

Under section 58 of the Immigration Act 2009, it is up to you as a visa applicant to ensure that all necessary information has been provided to your immigration case officer. Hence, it is in your interests to make sure your PPI response is clear and complete, with the appropriate evidence to back up any claims.

If advocacy in response to your PPI letter is vague and lacking in substantive information, your visa will be declined. We can help you prepare this response, and advocate your case strongly.