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Reconsideration Request

Reconsideration Request

If you have been declined your application for a temporary visa to visit, work or study in New Zealand, in some circumstances you can request Immigration New Zealand to reconsider their decision.

We can help you with lodging your reconsideration request if you meet all the following conditions:

  • you are in New Zealand when you make your request
  • you still hold a valid visa — this could be an Interim Visa, and
  • you approach us within 14 calendar days of receiving your decision letter

As this would be a paper application, time is of the essence. You would be required to forward to Immigration New Zealand documents as under:

  • your reasons for asking decision to be reconsidered
  • supporting documents, if any
  • passport and credit card details

Please note that submitting a reconsideration request does not stop your current visa from expiring. If your visa has expired you must leave New Zealand, although you may not be deported while your reconsideration request is still under review.

However, you cannot ask the decision to be reconsidered a second time. If you have a valid visa you can submit an application for any visa that fits the purpose of your stay in New Zealand.

To find out more about how to lodge your Reconsideration Request, assessment criteria and the pitfalls that you should be aware of, please call us today on 09 3790219 or email