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Special Directions

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Special Directions

The Minister of Immigration in the New Zealand Government can issue a special direction on any matter related to immigration. The decision to give a special direction is a matter of absolute discretion, and no person has the right to apply for a special direction.

It is a decision made by a New Zealand’s Immigration Minister (or his or her delegate) to waive an immigration requirement or impose an immigration condition on a person, visa, or document. Special directions are only made in very special circumstances.

You must request in writing and must include the reasons why you consider that a special direction should be granted. Please note that the request is not in itself an application for a visa, if the request for a special direction is granted, a formal application must follow.

The specific occasions under relevant sections of the Immigration Act 2009, to which special directions may be applied are:

  • To grant a visa or entry permission to people otherwise prohibited from getting them.
  • To issue an Invitation to Apply for Residence even though the person has not submitted an Expression of Interest
  • To refer a Residence visa application to the Minister instead of an INZ officer
  • To impose, cancel or vary any Resident Visa condition and do so at the time the person applies for entry permission
  • To impose, cancel or vary any temporary visa condition
  • To impose, vary or cancel any condition of a temporary visa
  • To exempt someone from having to pay a prescribed fee or direct refund of a fee or bond

If these directives or directions apply to or affect you, and would like to know more about Special Direction process, assessment criteria and the pitfalls that you should be aware of, please call us today on +64 9 379 0219 or email [email protected]

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