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Importance of Informing INZ about Change in Circumstances After Application Lodgment

improtance of informaing inz

Due to the closure of New Zealand’s border, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) could not process most categories of visa applications until now.

Therefore, given the time that has passed, INZ requires information about any changes in circumstances that may have taken place.

Please be aware you are legally obliged to tell INZ about any changes to your circumstances that may affect the decision on your visa application. If you do not, INZ may decline your application.

If the information relevant to your application’s decision is withheld from INZ, you may later become liable for deportation. Therefore, failure to comply with the obligation set out in immigration instruction E4.75 (c) amounts to the concealment of relevant information.

A few examples of change in circumstances are as under:

  • Had or currently have tuberculosis
  • A medical condition related to Renal dialysis, Hospital care, Residential care
  • Pregnancy
  • Conviction on accord of any offence
  • If under investigation, wanted for questioning or facing charges
  • Have been excluded, refused entry, removed or deported from any country
  • Have been refused a visa/permit to visit, work, study or reside in any country
  • Change of partnership status
  • Change of employment circumstances

Multiple factors affect the outcome of a visa application. However, interpreting and deciding based on your understanding of complex immigration instructions leaves room for error and may get the application rejected.

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