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New Zealand Nursing Council Implements Internationally Qualified Nurses Competence Assessment Changes

New Zealand Nursing Council Implements Internationally Qualified Nurses Competence Assessment Changes

Finally, the new competence assessment requirements are out now. The Nursing Council NZ has made changes to the competence assessment for Internationally Qualified Nurses (IQN).

A competency examination is now replacing the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP).

According to the Council, the Internationally Qualified Nurses applying from December 2023 must undertake objective competence examinations.

Let’s understand the new requirements of the NCNZ (Nursing Council of New Zealand).

So, read the blog till the end and gain comprehensive details on the new assessment requirements for Internationally Qualified Nurses.

IQNs: New Requirements

Internationally qualified nurses (IQNs) need to take an online theoretical examination. The exam tests a nurse’s knowledge and will be conducted in an accredited New Zealand or overseas examination centre.

The online theoretical examination is followed by a 2-day orientation and preparation course accompanied by a clinical examination known as OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), which is a 180-minute exam comprising MCQs.

The duration of the OSCE examination is three hours, and it helps test the professional and clinical skills of the nurses. The OSCE exam will be conducted in an accredited centre, and the exam will be in-person in New Zealand. The Internationally Qualified Nurses will get three attempts to pass the OSCE examination.

Internationally Qualified Nurses will be issued an eligibility letter by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and will get 18 months to clear the competence examination. The application to complete the new competence examination will be closed after 18 months. IQNs will get three attempts to pass the exam before the closure of the application.

Internationally Qualified Nurses travelling to NZ will require at least 10 days to complete the course and clear the first attempt of OSCE.

If there is a failure of an IQN in OSCE, considering the booking availability and scheduling in OSCE, at least 6 weeks between re-sits is required.

Under Occupational Registration, Internationally Qualified Nurses must be issued a three-month visa.

The Changes: How Will it Affect the IQNs

According to the council, there will be an 18-month transition period for the implementation of the processes of the new competence examination next to the CAP on offer.

The changes will have no immediate effect on IQNs if,

  • Internationally Qualified Nurses will apply for registration to the council after the document verification by CGFNS, or
  • IQNs can apply once the documents are verified before the implementation of new processes.

The changes will affect the nurses who have not yet submitted their documents or have not been able to apply to the council by Dec 2023.

IQNs can only apply to the Nursing Council once their documents are verified by an external agency, CGFNS.

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