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INZ and the Lockdown – Update 2

Work Visa NZ

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offices continue to remain closed due to the lockdown. Owing to the current Covid 19 alert levels, INZ continues to prioritize online applications and put more visa products online. However, due to information, security & privacy reasons, paper-based applications cannot be processed.

INZ is still deciding the protocols for Alert Level 3 and whether staff members can re-enter the office to process priority paper-based applications. Information about the level 3 alert changes & its impact will be made shortly.

Information regarding visa processing during covid-19 restrictions can be found here.

VOC application to go online:

INZ is working on having an online form for work visa holders to apply for Variation of Conditions (VOCs) for work conditions. This is to enable INZ to continue processing these requests when staff are unable to work from the office. This will be announced when the change is formally made.

Travel condition extensions for overseas resident visa holders:

Travel conditions of resident visas set to expire between 25thAug 2021 and 10thSept 2022 have been extended to 11th Sept 2022 by the Minister of Immigration.

Resident visa holders must be eligible for exemption from border restrictions before travelling to New Zealand.

More information regarding this can be found here.

Benefits to supermarket workers with visa conditions flexibility:

To provide essential services in supermarkets during alert level 3 or 4 lockdowns, employed temporary migrants are allowed to:

  •  vary work hours
  • be redeployed to other roles within their current workplaces
  • be redeployed to workplaces within the same region

The above changes apply to Woolworths New Zealand Ltd employees, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd supermarkets operating as essential services during level 3-4 lockdown restrictions.

A VOC application is not needed & eligible workers will automatically benefit from these changes.

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