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INZ and the Lockdown – Update

Temporary Entry Visas

Despite the Level 4 lockdown restrictions Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has ensured that some of its staff members continue to work from home. As a result following online visa categories will continue to get processed.

Processing online visa categories:

INZ has confirmed that staff members who are working from home are able to process the following categories-

  • Border Exceptions
  • Essential Skills Work Visas
  • Work to Residence Visas
  • Partnership visas (temporary & residence)
  • Post study Work visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Section 61 requests

If you are unable to apply online and your visa is about to expire, please contact the Immigration Contact Centre (ICC) immediately. Alternatively you can click here and mail Immigration Advisers New Zealand to assist you.

Reconsideration process for temporary entry visas:

During the course of the lockdown, INZ has set up an interim reconsideration process for temporary entry decisions for onshore applicants. Applicants requesting reconsideration via the ICC must do so within 14 days. Alternatively feel free to mail Immigration Advisers New Zealand and seek assistance. More information regarding this can be found here

Escalation process for employment visa:

Though INZ is monitoring the Employment Visa Escalation (EVE) requests, it is unable to prioritize paper applications due to the current lockdown restrictions. If you want to request for priority allocation of employment related applications, an email must be sent to EmploymentVisaEscalations@mbie.govt.nz

The following criteria will be considered:

  • Compelling personal circumstances
  • Humanitarian factors
  • Matters of national interest

More information regarding this can be found here

New online form for Essential Skills Work Visa:

From 31 August 2021 applicants are encouraged to use the new online application form for Essential Skills Work visa.

Changes were made to the Essential Skills Work Visa on 19 July 2021 to streamline the application process and increase the visa duration of migrant workers who are staying with the same employer. More information about the changes can be found here. Alternatively feel free to mail Immigration Advisers New Zealand and seek assistance.

Migrant Exploitation Visa:

Employment New Zealand and Immigration New Zealand will help protect migrants from exploitation.

Migrants should visit Employment New Zealand to complete the form online.

Information regarding Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa can be found here

Paper based applications not being processed:

Paper based applications cannot be taken out from the office due to information security & privacy reasons. As a result, they cannot be processed at current lockdown alert levels.

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