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INZ Resumes Processing of Partner and Dependent Visas

INZ Resumes Processing of Dependent Visas

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, New Zealand had shut its borders to the rest of the world and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) had suspended visa processing.

New Zealand is now ready to completely reopen its borders to everyone from midnight of 31 July 2022 (technically 1 August 2022). As the country begins reconnecting with the world, INZ is restarting the processing of some visas.

Partner and Dependents

From 31 May 2022, INZ will resume processing of the following on-hand visa applications:

  • Offshore partners & dependents of Work visa holders
  • Offshore partners & dependents of Student Visa holders

People who are outside of New Zealand who applied for a visa before entry into the country was restricted in 2020 have two options:

  1. Have their applications processed
  2. Withdraw the application and request a refund, if eligible

Resuming visa processing basically means that applicants will not have to wait until the end of July when the New Zealand borders are fully open to reuniting with their loved ones. This resumption of processing will allow applicants to live together sooner in order to meet the requirements of future partnership applications.

INZ will email the instructions to the affected applicants or their representatives.

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