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Jobs that Make You Eligible Straight for Residence Visa in New Zealand

Jobs that Make You Eligible Straight for Residence Visa in New Zealand

Pursuing a study pathway, or a career thereafter and then settling abroad is a dream to many but only achievable by a few. The main hurdle faced is to get in touch with an adviser to have the right set of knowledge and guidance. While many of us across the globe aim to settle in the USA, Canada, or Australia, New Zealand has emerged as a pathway to building a life abroad that has a tremendous work-life balance. New Zealand is a country where one is provided an option for embarking on a journey that culminates in getting a residence visa by meeting the eligibility for a Green List occupation.

What is the Green List?

The Green List is a table of a limited number of highly skilled roles which are in high demand in New Zealand. People who opt for such roles and occupations are much appreciated by New Zealand employers as they always look out for skilled migrants who meet the eligibility for these Green List jobs.

To secure a job on the Green List  a skilled migrant professional needs to meet the stipulated eligibility criteria of qualification/skills/registration/experience as listed in the immigration instructions of the New Zealand government.  Moreover, Tier 1 Green List roles allow applicants to apply straight for a residence visa in New Zealand.

Green List Occupations

The occupations that come under Green List are as follows –

Construction Roles – The jobs tailored to Engineering, Project Management, and Quality Surveyor are high in demand in New Zealand.

Engineering Roles – Civil, Chemical, Structural, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Telecommunications, and Industrial are some of the core engineering domains that come under the Green List.

Science Roles & Primary Industries – New Zealand is in dire requirement of researchers in Food Technology, Environmental Science, etc. Researchers who belong to these domains and wish to settle in New Zealand can opt for these roles.

Health and Social Service Sector – Medical Practitioners like Surgeons, Psychologists, Vets, Registered Nurses, ECE, and Secondary Teachers can have great career prospects in New Zealand as these jobs are highly essential, and the country requires skilled professionals for such critical services.

Agriculture – People with experience in Diary Industry can leverage their experience and start a new professional in New Zealand. Dairy Cattle Farmers, Dairy Farm managers are some of the roles with decent job openings in New Zealand.

Trades – The number of skilled electricians, diesel motor mechanics, electricians, and plumbers is less in New Zealand. People associated with these professionals can try to build their careers in New Zealand.

This is not all, many other jobs can pave your way to a Green List profession. Get in touch with Immigration Advisors New Zealand Ltd. and get comprehensive support in terms of thorough immigration information, insights on available opportunities, and more.

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