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Ministry of Social Development: Job Seeker Undersupply List Removed

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In response to COVID-19, a temporary solution was introduced by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) – the jobseeker oversupply and undersupply lists. MSD launched these lists in October 2020 to streamline MSD’s advice to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) on the availability of New Zealand job seekers for jobs. The occupations on the oversupply list indicated that there were New Zealand job seekers available for that position.

There were no New Zealand job seekers available in the occupations on the undersupply list.

With effect from 22nd November 2021, the MSD has removed the job seeker undersupply list. The oversupply list was withdrawn on 1st October 2021, as previously announced.

This advice is part of the Labour Market Test (LMT) for employment paid below the median wage when applying for an Essential Skills work visa.

What does it mean to have the job seeker undersupply list removed?

Employers will need to interact with MSD to assess whether suitable or trainable New Zealand job seekers are available. The objective will be to fill vacancies for roles that pay less than the median wage and require labour market testing now that the undersupply list has been removed.

For roles that were previously on the undersupply list, employers will now need to publish the vacancy with MSD to acquire a Skills Match Report (SMR). The SMR will advise on the availability of New Zealand job seekers for the given position.

When reviewing Essential Skills work visa applications for occupations paying less than the median income, INZ must consider this advice as part of the LMT. When deciding whether the LMT has been satisfied, INZ will take the employer’s overall efforts to attract and recruit New Zealanders into account. For more information on hiring migrant workers, please click here.

Applicants whose occupations are listed on INZ’s Skills Shortage Lists, as well as those who continue in full-time employment and do not change their role, employer, or region of work, will not need an LMT.

For information on the skill-shortage list checker, please click here.

If you have queries or require assistance regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. at [email protected] or call +64 09 3790219. Our experienced team of Licensed Immigration Advisers will be happy to guide you.

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