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Need Chefs in New Zealand: Are You Up For This Opportunity?

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Did you know chefs are on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list?

Meaning, the New Zealand government actively encourages chefs from other countries to come on-board and live here.There are several reasons why! For instance, there are fewer people in NZ completing chef training. And those who are cooking graduates, many of them don’t remain a chef forever.

So, if you’re into cooking and have long wished to move to a beautiful country where there are seamless career opportunities–this is perhaps a great opportunity for you. Both in the cookery and hospitality industries, the need for people with adequate cooking skills is high.

The Challenges

But then that said, even when the demand for chefs is higher and foreigners are more likely to get their NZ work or residence visa, things are far from easier. There are several challenges and caveats on the way that you must address and bypass. For one, you need to have a Level 4 qualification and minimum 5-year experience in banqueting or commercial catering.

Many aspirants might not have the formal qualification to meet these stringent requirements that prioritize good skills atop. Opting for formal (and local) training to acquire enough knowledge, skills, and experience is usually considered a smart choice. This is truer for the students who have a clean career canvas. The institutes like Professional Business and Restaurant School have been meeting this market gap for years now, delivering intensive training on the back of a smart curriculum that prepares the chefs of tomorrow.

About PBRS

About Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS), it is one of the leading names in the market that has been awarded the New Zealand Culinary Fare Training Excellence Award for three consecutive years. With two campuses in Auckland, it has several other accolades under its belt. In addition to quality training, PBRS also offers employment support.

After completing one such course and gaining the required level of qualification, the applicants can then apply for NZ work visa easily. They can explore through many employment opportunities in the hospitality sector in the country and pick a high-paying job as a chef or other similar role.

About Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd.

As one of the leading immigration providers, Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. is committed to helping aspirants move in NZ and enjoy desired opportunities with the least stress and hassle around visa application. Our licensed experts work along with you, offering end-to-end assistance.

We are bringing this webinar in association with Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS). It would be hosted by Vandana Rai, Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser. The guest speakers include Jayaraj Arul Samji, Marketing Manager, AND Simonne Ferro, Marketing Assistant.

Our host and guest speakers will cover a range of relevant topics, including:

  • Why is there a shortage of chefs in New Zealand?
  • Why chefs are in the long term skill shortage list of New Zealand?
  • Employment opportunities in the Hospitality sector of New Zealand.
  • What are the requirements to become a chef in New Zealand?
  • What are the possible pathways for chefs to gain residency in New Zealand?
  • Why Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS) has emerged as a trusted name?

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Vandana Rai

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Vandana Rai is a Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser and has built a reputation around her rare set of skills, which could be considered ideal for her legal profession.

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