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New Health Roles Added to the Green List Straight to Residence Pathway

The New Zealand government has made some key changes to health roles in Green List of occupations. The key changes are as following:

  • 32 new roles have been added, allowing more healthcare professionals the chance to enter the country
  • All existing Green List health roles will now be moved to the Straight to Residence pathway

This decision has been made in recognition of the critical and nationally important nature of these roles, as well as the growing demand for skilled professionals across various health specialisations.

Roles in social service, education & the justice sector which support the delivery of health services are included in the list.

To know about the new health roles added to the Green List, click here

Eligibility to apply for Straight to Residence

Starting from the 29th of May, 2023, eligible individuals will be able to apply Straight to Residence.In order to apply for the Straight to Residence visa, applicants must meet the requirements for their respective occupation as detailed in the Green List, provided by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

For the Green List roles, click here

2021 Resident Visa Applications

While this announcement certainly comes as welcome news for those looking to secure a future in the healthcare industry, it is important to note that individuals who have already applied for a 2021 Resident Visa should continue with their existing applications. The government has indicated that processing for 2021 Resident Visas is nearing completion, and applicants should not be deterred from pursuing their ongoing applications.

Sector Agreements for Other Essential Roles

In addition to the new health roles added to the Green List, the government has also provided updates on sector agreements for other essential roles, specifically within the transport sector. Last year, it was announced that a transport sector agreement was being developed, which would include a two-year work to residence pathway for truck drivers and bus drivers.

Now, the government has confirmed that essential maritime transport roles such as ship’s masters (or ‘skippers’) and deckhands, will be included in the transport sector agreement as well, providing these professionals with a two-year work to residence pathway.

The detailed settings for the transport sector agreement are expected to be announced in the near future.

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