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New Pathways to New Zealand Residence

New Pathways to New Zealand Residence

Closed borders and restricted border entry during the Covid-19 pandemic led to a severe labour shortage in New Zealand.

Three New Residence Pathways

On 27 July 2022, as part of the immigration rebalance plan, the New Zealand Government announced three new residence categories to make it easier for employers to attract & hire migrants in highly-skilled, hard-to-fill roles:

  1. Straight to Residence
  2. Work to Residence
  3. Highly Paid

Immigration Minister Michael Wood has announced that the Government is keeping its promise of streamlining the immigration system to help relieve workforce shortage by providing significant humanitarian support.

  • From 5 September 2022 onwards, eligible skilled migrants who have a job or a job offer in specific roles on the Straight to Residence pathway will be able to apply for residence, both from offshore and onshore.

This will benefit migrant workers who have skills in hard-to-find, nationally significant roles that New Zealand requires. The Straight to Residence pathway offers more certainty to some migrants like health practitioners, engineers, construction and infrastructure workers and IT professionals. It will also make it easier for New Zealand employers to easily attract and hire migrant workers in areas of skill shortage.

Skilled migrants on the Work to Residence and Highly Paid resident pathways will be able to apply for residence from 29 September 2023 only after they have obtained 24 months of acceptable work in New Zealand.

Refugee Quota Programme

The details for the next three years of the Refugee Quota Programme have also been confirmed including the structure of the 2022-23 quota.

Michael Wood has stated‘’ The Refugee Quota Programme is a reflection of New Zealand’s international humanitarian commitments to protect people who are not able to return safely to their home country’’

The programme, which is back to its full capacity, will resettle 1,500 refugees each year. The proportion of places allocated to three out of four regions is being changed. The proportion of places for the Middle East and Africa has been increased from 15% to 20 % respectively.

  • 200 places will be allocated to resettle Syrian refugees including Kurdish minorities from Iraq, Jordan & Lebanon.
  • The number of emergency and urgent resettlement places has been increased from 35 to 100
  • 200 places have been specifically set aside for Afghan refugees for the 2022-23 period following the Taliban take-over of Afghanistan in August 2021.
  • As part of the quota’s international allocations, Afghan refugees will be considered for resettlement in New Zealand.

The above changes have been made to ensure that the Refugee Quota Programme remains open to protecting the needs of the refugees coming into the country.

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