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New Post Study Work Visa Settings

New Post Study Work Visa Settings

New requirements for New Zealand’s Post Study Work Visa came into effect on 7 September 2022. These changes apply to anyone who has applied for a Student Visa after 11 May 2022.

Previously, Post Study Work Visa holders could apply for any job and work for any employer, anywhere in New Zealand. The visa conditions will now depend on the qualification the visa holder has gained in New Zealand.

Only one Post Study Work Visa may be granted to an applicant. Also, they will need to show that they have funds of NZD 5,000 available.

Visa Duration and Employment Conditions

The Post Study Work Visa will continue to be valid for up to three years. The duration of this visa will be in line with the time spent studying full-time in New Zealand for most people.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Degree level 7 and above students: Must have spent at least 30 weeks studying fulltime in New Zealand
  • Non-degree level 7 and below students: Must have completed their full qualification in New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will refer to the offer of place or a letter from the education provider to determine the duration of the Post Study Work Visa. Additional time taken by a student to finish a course will not be taken into account.

Masters and doctoral students:

  • They will continue to be eligible for 3 years open post study work visas.
  • Doctoral students will henceforth be eligible for the Post Study Work Visa after they submit their theses for examination
  • Confirmation from the education provider will be required

For students pursuing degree level 7 and level 8:

  • The Length of the post-study work visa will equal the time the applicant has spent studying full-time in New Zealand.
  • Students need to have spent at least 30 weeks studying full-time in New Zealand.
  • Can do consecutive courses to increase the length of post-study work visa
  • Will be granted open work visas i.e. be able to work in any occupation, for any employer, anywhere in New Zealand

For non-degree level 7 and below:

  • Students are required to have completed the full qualification in New Zealand
  • No extra time will be gained by completing qualifications at this level consecutively
  • Qualification should be on the list of Qualifications Eligible for a Post Study Work Visa  (NOTE: This list is different to the Green List)
  • Must work in a role directly relating to their completed qualification.

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