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New Zealand Transit Visa

New Zealand Transit Visa

When travelling to countries like Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu etc travellers often transit through New Zealand. A commonly asked question is “Do I need to apply for a visa if I am just passing through New Zealand?”

This blog will answer the above question.

What is a Transit Visa?

A transit visa is issued to a traveller who is transiting (i.e. passing through) one country to reach another destination.

When do you need a New Zealand Transit Visa?

Travellers passing through New Zealand to reach another country, usually one of the Pacific countries, and who do not plan on staying in New Zealand beyond 24 hours need to apply for an NZ Transit Visa.

Transit passengers can only travel through the Auckland International Airport and must stay in the airport’s transit area (aka the immigration control area) or remain on board the aircraft.

What you can do with an NZ Transit Visa

  • Stay at Auckland International Airport’s designated areas only for up to 24 hours.
  • Include your partner/ spouse and children 19 years of age and below in the same application
  • Travellers from visa waiver countries must hold a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA)

Who does not require a Transit Visa or NZeTA?

  • New Zealand citizens and Residence class visa holders
  • Holders of valid NZ temporary class visas
  • Australian citizens

Transit Visa Waiver Countries

If you are from a transit visa waiver country and pass through the Auckland International Airport on your way to another country, you do not have to apply for a visa. Instead, you must get an NZeTA before travelling to New Zealand.

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Kiribati, Naru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Venezuela, Colombia and the Bahamas are some of the countries that feature on the List of Transit Visa Waiver Countries. You must see the complete list for clarity by clicking here.

Essential things to keep in mind

  • NZ Transit Visa rules keep on changing. The onus is on the traveller to check if they can transit through New Zealand.
  • When applying for an NZ Transit Visa, you will have to provide evidence of onward travel plans, E.g. Valid tickets for the onward journey
  • With an NZ Transit Visa, you cannot travel to New Zealand i.e. you cannot exit the Auckland International Airport
  • If you plan to stay in New Zealand beyond 24 hours, you must apply for a General Visitor Visa.

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