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New Zealand Visa: Important Immigration Requirements

New Zealand Visa: Important Immigration NZ Requirements

There are several requirements that must be met in order to immigrate to New Zealand. These requirements can vary depending on the specific visa category you are applying for, but there are some common requirements.

Good character: All visa applicants must be of good character and have no criminal convictions. If you have a criminal history or could be a risk to NZ, your application can be declined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). In some cases, you may have to apply for a Character Waiver.

  • For more information about good character and character waiver, please click here.
  • For information related to character issues, please click here.

Health: All visa applicants must have an acceptable standard of health. Some visa categories require applicants to undergo a medical examination to ensure that they do not have any health conditions that could pose a risk to the New Zealand public or impose significant costs on New Zealand’s health services. Medical reviews in the visa process can cause substantial processing delays. Immigration Advisers New Zealand has successfully obtained medical waivers from “standard” health-related issues to exceptionally complicated health issues where significant funding will be required. If issues are encountered with the processing of an application and/or a medical waiver is required, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us without delay.

English language proficiency: Some visa categories require applicants to demonstrate a certain level of English language proficiency. This may involve taking an English language test (e.g. IELTS, OET etc.) or providing evidence of previous English language study.

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Age: Some visa categories have age limits or may have different requirements for applicants depending on their age.

Financial requirements: Some visa categories have financial requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible. This means you must have enough money to live on while in New Zealand or have an acceptable sponsor. For further details please click on this link here.

Employment: Some visa categories require applicants to have a job offer from a New Zealand employer or to demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to find employment in New Zealand.

If you do not meet any of the requirements of the specific visa category you have applied for, INZ may decline your application.

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