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New Zealand Visa Options for Family Members

New Zealand Visa Options for Family Members

Many migrants, who moved to New Zealand over the years, have gone on to become citizens or residents of the country and now call New Zealand their home. New Zealand is a family-friendly country offering various immigration options for families looking to settle permanently. This blog provides an overview of temporary entry visa options for family members coming to New Zealand.

Temporary Visa Options

Partnership-Based Visas (Work/ Visitor):

Partnership Based Visas allow New Zealand residents, citizens, migrant workers and international students to bring their partners to New Zealand. Partners can apply for either a partnership-based visitor or work visa, depending on the circumstances of the New Zealand visa holder partner. The most important requirement, of course, is that the partnership must be genuine and stable.

Not all partners of work visa holders can apply for a Partnership Based Visa. Student Visa holders can bring their partners to New Zealand depending on the course and level of study that they are pursuing in New Zealand.

For more information about Partnership Based Visas, please click here.

Dependent Child Visas:

Children below 20 years of age can join their parents in New Zealand on a dependent child visitor visa or dependent child student visa, depending on certain requirements. The child must be under the age of 20, single and with no children and financially dependent on their parent.

Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa:

This category of visa is for those who are either planning on travelling to New Zealand to marry a New Zealand resident/citizen or wish to travel to New Zealand post their marriage to a New Zealand resident/citizen, and the marriage has been arranged as per the prevailing culture of the couple.

This is a slightly complex category, and certain intricate immigration instructions have to be met to qualify for this visa.

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Parent-Grandparent Visitor Visa:

New Zealand residents & citizens can sponsor their parents or grandparents to come to New Zealand on this visa. This is a multiple-entry visitor visa valid for three years. The holder can travel to New Zealand on multiple occasions during the course of the visa and can stay for up to six months.

General Visitor Visa:

This visa allows you to visit friends and family (like siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles etc.) in New Zealand and explore the country briefly. One of the primary requirements for this visa is to satisfactorily demonstrate a genuine intent for a temporary stay and commitments in the home country.

Resident Visa Options

Partnership-Based Resident Visa:

If your partner is a New Zealand resident or citizen and you have lived together for a certain period, you can apply for a Partnership Based Resident Visa. Partners of New Zealand citizens may also be eligible to apply straightaway for a Permanent Resident Visa depending on the duration of their relationship and the circumstances of the New Zealand citizen partner.

Dependent Child Resident Visa:

Dependent children of age 24 years & below can apply for this visa if their parents are New Zealand residents or citizens. Children who are old enough are also allowed to study & work in New Zealand.

Parent Resident Visa:

This visa allows New Zealand residents & citizens to sponsor their parents to live in New Zealand permanently, provided certain immigration requirements are met. Also, the child in New Zealand must agree to sponsor the parents and earn sufficient money.

Applying for a Parent Resident Visa is a two-step process

In the first step, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI); in the second step, INZ will select some EOIs from the ballot. If your EOI is selected, INZ will send you an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for this visa category.

For more information about the Parent Resident Visa, click here.

Parent Retirement Resident Visa:

This visa allows New Zealand residents & citizens to bring their parents to live in New Zealand permanently. However, the parents must meet the income & investment requirements to be eligible to apply for this visa category.

Benefits of Family Immigration to New Zealand:

Immigrating to New Zealand as a family offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Family Reunification: Family members can be reunited and live together in New Zealand.
  2. Education: In certain cases, children can access quality and globally recognized education in New Zealand.
  3. Healthcare: Family members may be able to access New Zealand’s public healthcare system.
  4. Job Opportunities: Depending on the visa type, family members can take advantage of the job opportunities in New Zealand and gain international work experience.

New Zealand offers a range of visa options for family immigration, allowing families to reunite and settle permanently in a family-friendly country. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the application process, families can enjoy the many benefits of immigrating to New Zealand.

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