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NZ Student Visa Application Checklist for Continuing International Students

Continuing International Students

Here we will cover New Zealand Student Visa Application Checklist for Onshore continuing International Students. It is designed for those international students who have previously been granted a Student Visa, are in NZ and wish to apply for a second/ subsequent NZ Student Visa to continue studying in New Zealand.

This checklist lists the information and documentary evidence that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) needs to assess your visa application.

Remember, submitting the correct documents is crucial in getting a positive outcome and avoiding delays/ disappointment in getting a visa.

Offer of Place & identity documents

A basic requirement is to provide an offer of place from a New Zealand education provider and a full passport copy.

Evidence of your attendance & progress

You must also provide evidence of your attendance & progress. This will help the Immigration Officer to assess whether you have met the conditions of your most recent NZ Student Visa and check if you had a good attendance record and have made satisfactory progress. Academic transcripts, attendance records and a letter from the education provider outlining the academic progress & attendance can be submitted as evidence of this.

Evidence of health & character

Even though you are applying for a second or subsequent Student Visa in NZ, you still need to meet the health & character requirements. Depending on your intended stay in New Zealand and time spent in other countries, you may be required to provide a new medical or updated police certificate.

Evidence of funds

You must also provide evidence to show that you have paid the tuition fees. A payment receipt or a letter from the educational institute confirming the payment can be provided as evidence. If you are exempt from payment, the education institution must provide a letter confirming the reason for this.

You will also need to show that you have money for living expenses like rent, food, utility bills etc. You can provide evidence of funds held by you or by someone on your behalf, a financial undertaking from the same non-New Zealander who had provided a financial undertaking for your initial NZ student visa application, evidence of being awarded a scholarship or a sponsorship undertaking from the same New Zealand citizen/ resident/ organization that had sponsored your initial student visa.

The source of funds must be verifiable. Bank statements from the past six months and education loan letters from nationalized or multi-national banks are accepted by Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

Statement of Purpose/Cover Letter

It is very important to provide a supporting letter along with your visa application which will enable the Immigration officer to assess if you are a genuine applicant who will not breach the visa conditions.

The Statement of Purpose must include important information about your study plans – why you have chosen a particular course & institute, reasons for changing study plans, if any and your future plans. The Statement of Purpose must also include an explanation about your attendance and your progress, especially if it was not good, and details about how you will pay for your studies in New Zealand

Other Documents/Information

Always remember to declare any previous visa declines or adverse immigration history in your application.

Submitting the right documents is very important in getting a positive outcome.

Please contact us if you are confused about what documents to submit, which course to select or which institute to apply to. We can help you with course selection, institute options and visa application.

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