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NZQA Update: Change To Student Fee Protection (SPF) Rules

nzqa update 2021

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has an update regarding the new set of rules aligned for the Education and Training Act 2020 with minor correction and one rule change to the Student Fee Protection (SFP) Rules. However, it will not change the previous requirement for a student.

The new SFP Rules aimed to ensure that students should be treated equally and fairly in all the events (that included programme or training scheme) if they are not participating in a course.

As per the rule, PTEs cannot retain students’ fees on the grounds of a ‘no-show’/no-participation by a student. In this condition, they are liable to get a full refund less the statutory amount PTEs are entitled to retain.

The new SFP rule is:.

Rule 4.2

In the following situations, a Student must be treated as having withdrawnwithin the Refund Period, from a course in which the student was enrolled with provider:.

(a) where the student fails to attend or participate in the course; or.

(b) where the student attends or participates in the course during the refund period but stops attending or participating in the course before the end of the refund period..

4.3 Rule

4.2(b) does not apply where the student attends or participates in that course after the end of the refund period..

As a consequence of this change, some students may decide not to contact the PTE to withdraw when they should have done so formally. Hence, this rule change will place greater responsibility on the Private Training Establishment (PTE). They will need to clearly outline their withdrawal process, including the expectation to notify the PTE if a student decides to withdraw and for the PTE to follow up with a student who is not participating to confirm their intention..

Please note that PTEs continue to be allowed by law to keep a certain proportion of the fees to contribute to their administrative costs..

The Rule change also includes clarifying that a student who attends or participates at any point after the end of the refund period will not be considered as having withdrawn before the end of the refund period. Hence, PTE must attempt to contact the student to confirm their intention, and if appropriate, notify the student that they will be withdrawn from the course and receive any fee refund they are entitled to. However, if the student participates again, even intermittently, they will not be considered as withdrawn..

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Reference: https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/our-role/legislation/nzqa-rules/.

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