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One-off Increase to Working Holiday Scheme Caps

One-off Increase to Working Holiday Scheme Caps

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) to young people, usually in the age-group of 18-30 years but 18-35 years in a few select countries. Working holiday schemes have cap limits which are now being changed.

INZ is adding one extra year’s worth of places to all capped Working Holiday Schemes for 2022. This means that those schemes that have already filled up for this year will once again re-open between 8 September and 1 December 2022.

The WHS that were previously closed this year will open on the following dates:

Working Holiday Scheme Reopening date
Malaysia 8 September 2022
Argentina 15 September 2022
Chile 22 September 2022
Taiwan 29 September 2022
China 11 October 2022
Hong Kong 18 October 2022
Brazil 20 October 2022
Vietnam 25 October 2022
Mexico 27 October 2022
Philippines 1 November 2022
Hungary 3 November 2022
Slovakia 8 November 2022
Austria 10 November 2022
Poland 15 November 2022
Lithuania 17 November 2022
Peru 22 November 2022
Turkey 24 November 2022
Portugal 1 December 2022
Spain To be scheduled

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