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Online Learning for International Students – Advantages, Limitations and Recommendations

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As the world scrambles to lay their hands on COVID-19 vaccine – online learning as an outcome of the pandemic related restrictions has become a prevalent choice for all. Prospective international students who are looking to come and study in New Zealand are looking at this option so as not to elongate their break from their studies.

There is an old saying that necessity is the mother of invention, and it still holds as proved by the innovations recently introduced in the online learning space. We can see from the universities initiatives that enrol international students, many of whom have returned to their home countries and now solely rely on e-learning platforms.

Saves Cost of Living

Much like anything, online learning has its shares of pros and cons. It boasts plenty of advantages. For international students, it saves the expenses of living in a foreign country. Even for the home-country students, the costs of commute and renting space near the campus are saved. Such savings can be a big difference-maker in affording a university education. Also, online learning comes with big convenience; you get to study from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are. It saves students’ time and from troubles of heading to classes.

Enhanced Learning Experience and Returns

Moreover, online learning can be more rewarding academically. The top universities of New Zealand have built a robust and intuitive infrastructure that promotes better understanding and more rewards; students can learn better and more effectively, which enriches them with enhanced skills and knowledge and inevitably gets them the desired grades.

Lack of Sociability

But all said, e-learning also has several limitations that cannot be overlooked. For one, it lacks the social aspect that students often seek and enjoy in their college life. There’s little room to meet new people and build new connections, which are incredibly important for various reasons. It helps improve students’ interpersonal skills. Also, building a network of classmates and faculty members is very helpful to discover more career opportunities.

Maximize the Benefits, Minimize the Cons

Students who rely on online learning are often advised to maximize this model’s pros and minimize the cons. If you’re e-learning, with the time you save, it’s essential to get other aspects of your life on track. This includes your health and fitness. Invest efforts and resources in getting yourself physically and mentally healthier. Take up extra classes and signup to other programs that can add to your skills and qualifications.

Similarly, make efforts to communicate more with your teachers and classmates. If there are open platforms/forums available in your online classes, ask more questions and help others with answers. Reach out to more people; a simple ‘hey’ can be the start of a long friendship. Participate in different activities that aim at connecting people and building network.

In all, as mentioned earlier, online learning has advantages and disadvantages. It comes down to the students how they make the most of this learning model.

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