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Partner of a NZ Work Visa holder

Partner of a NZ Work Visa holder

Partner of a Work Visa holder – what it means

If your partner/spouse has applied for or is already in New Zealand on a temporary type of work visa, a visa based on partnership will enable you to join your partner in New Zealand. However, whether you would be eligible for a partnership based visitor visa or a work visa would depend on the type of work visa your partner holds and/or their income and other such factors. The brief explanations below will give you a good idea what to expect and plan for.

Partner of Worker – Visitor Visa

This visa allows you to be with your partner in New Zealand, it does not allow you to work in the country. You are allowed to tour New Zealand and study for up to 3 months on this visa. The length of stay allowed will be the same as your partner’s work visa.

Partner of WorkerWork Visa

This visa allows you to be with your partner in New Zealand and work at the same time. It is an open work visa so you can work for any employer, in any role. You can also study in New Zealand for up to 3 months. In your free time, you can tour New Zealand and enjoy its scenic beauty. The length of stay allowed will be the same as your partner’s work visa.

Can children be included in the partner of worker visa application?

Children cannot be included in a partner of worker visa application. Dependents must apply for a visa in their own right. Children can apply for a visitor visa or a student visa.

Who is not allowed to support family visa

Some work visa holders are not allowed to support partners/ dependants. You are not allowed to support a work, visitor or student visa for your partner or dependent children if you hold any of the following visas:

  • Fishing crew work visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) pr Supplementary Seasonal Employer (SSE) work visas
  • Domestic staff of a Diplomat work visa

Partners/Dependents of Accredited Employer Work Visa(AEWV) holders

You can support a work visa for your partner if earning above the median wage. You can support your partner on a visitor visa if earning below the median wage. AEWV holders can support visitor or student visas for dependents if they meet a certain income requirement.

From December 2022 onwards, a work visa holder can only support a visitor visa for the partner. If the partner wishes to work in New Zealand, then they will have to apply for an AEWV in their own right.

Partners/Dependents of workers who are still on Essential Skills Work Visa

The rules for now discontinued Essential Skills Work visa holders are slightly different and whether they are allowed to support work, visitor or student visas for their partners and/or children depends on the date of their application lodgement, their income or whether they have been assessed as low skilled, medium skilled or high skilled. Earning above or below the median wage is also a factor in determining whether the worker will be allowed to support a partner and/or children.

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