Visa for Partners

You can apply for a visa to come to New Zealand based on your relationship with your partner if your partner is already here. The key requirement is that you must be in a genuine and stable relationship. A visa for partners is available whether you are in a same sex or opposite sex relationship so long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You are both over 18
  • If either of you are 16 or 17 years of age, you need the consent of your parents or guardians
  • You must have met before applying for the visa
  • Your partner cannot be a close relative

Genuine and Stable Relationship

A genuine and stable relationship to Immigration New Zealand is one that is long-term, exclusive, and likely to endure. One of the key requirements of this is that you must live together. This means sharing a single home together. The immigration authorities point out that spending time in your partner’s home, however significant, while maintaining your own home, could exclude you from getting a visa for partners.

If you have spent time living apart from your partner which makes it difficult to prove you are living together, you must provide additional information. This includes details on why you lived apart and how long it lasted as well as evidence you communicated during this period.

Immigration officials also look at several other things when determining if the relationship is genuine and stable. This includes documentary evidence (marriage certificate, civil union certificate, a lease agreement to show you live together, birth certificates of your children, evidence of joint bank accounts, etc). They may also consider things like photos, emails, or social media conversations that show you are a genuine couple.

Making an Application

In addition to the above, your character and your partner’s character will also be assessed. If either fails to meet the criteria you may not be granted a visa.

Depending on your personal circumstances, the process of getting a visa for partners can be complex. We are here to help. Contact NZ Immigration Advisers today on 09 3790219.