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NZ Visitor Visa

If you want to come and visit New Zealand, you’ll need to get either an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) or a Visitor Visa — unless you’re an Australian citizen. You can include your partner, and dependent children aged 19 and under, in your visa application.

If you are from a visa waiver country, you can travel to New Zealand without a visa, but you must hold NZeTA.

If you are not from a visa waiver country, then you will need to apply for a visitor visa before you arrive in New Zealand.

During your stay, you’ll need enough money to support yourself and everyone included in your application. The purpose of your visit could be to visit friends and family, explore New Zealand or enjoy amateur sports, or adventure activity. However, you cannot work in New Zealand on this visa.

Immigration New Zealand as part of their assessment criteria will need to see evidence that you have a ticket out of New Zealand or money to buy one, are in good health and of good character, and have money to live on while you’re here or will be supported financially. You must be able to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that you are a bona fide visitor and that you have a genuine and lawful purpose of travel.

You can visit New Zealand as a genuine tourist for up to 9 months in an 18-month period. You can even apply for another 3 months stay and extend your stay to 12 months in a 24-month period under certain circumstances. However, If you have recently visited New Zealand for a total of 12 months, you have to remain outside New Zealand for 12 months before you can apply for another Visitor Visa.

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A visitor visa can be issued for up to 9 months depending on many factors such as – purpose of visit, duration of previous stay in New Zealand, availability of funds etc.

The visa fees are regulated by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Click here to know the fees.


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