Visitor Visa

Partnership Visitor Visa

Partnership Visitor Visa

A partnership visitor visa lets you come to New Zealand to join your partner if they are on a work visa. The benefit of a partner visitor visa over a normal visitor visa is it is issued for the same length of time as your partner’s work visa. In many situations, this lets you stay in New Zealand for a longer period of time, i.e. you will not have to live apart from your partner while they are here.

While you are in New Zealand you can enjoy the lifestyle, scenery, activities, and culture. You can also study for up to three months. You cannot, however, work while you are here. If you want to work you should apply for a partner work visa.

Excluded Work Visa Categories (Partnership Visitor Visa)

You cannot apply for a partner visitor visa if your partner has one of the following work visas:

  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Category Work Visa
  • Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa
  • Fishing Crew Work Visa
  • Supplementary Season Employment Work Visa
  • Domestic Staff of a Diplomat Work Visa

Get the Right Advice

The main requirement of a partner visitor visa is to show you are in a genuine and stable relationship . We can help you prepare documentation that will demonstrate this. We can also assess your circumstances to determine your suitability for this type of visa, give you advice on your options, and help you make an application.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our licensed immigration advisers, please contact us today on 09 3790219.