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Post-Accreditation Checks Underway for Accredited Employer Work Visa Employers

Post-Accreditation Checks Underway for Accredited Employer Work Visa Employers

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) is now conducting post-accreditation checks with Accredited Employer Work Visa employers to ensure their compliance with accreditation requirements. This process aims to identify any instances of migrant worker exploitation.

It is important to note that any accredited employer may be selected for this process. MBIE may request information from selected employers to check their compliance.

It is essential for employers to comply with all accreditation requirements and ensure they have accurate records of all correspondences and undertakings.

The information requested could include any or a combination of the following:

  • Financial statements to demonstrate financial viability
  • Evidence of PAYE payments to migrant employees
  • Evidence of how payment was made to the offshore recruitment agents of their migrant employees
  • Hiring dates of migrant employees
  • Evidence showing that settlement information was provided to migrant employees
  • Logs of hours worked by migrant workers
  • Information about the main persons involved in the business and their role

MBIE staff members may also conduct site visits in some cases if this is the best way to gather the necessary information.

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