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Post Pandemic Mantra – Skill, Reskill & Upskill

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No one had ever thought that a time would come when the whole world would come to a standstill. People will have to stay home and maintain social distancing. The year 2020 and the crisis arising out of COVID-19 pandemic has made international students aware to expect the unexpected and be always ready to face the challenges. However, as it is said, every crisis gives rise to an opportunity, and here is yours.

One glance on the job market is enough to know that people are losing their jobs. The loss of employment may be either because the company has shut down due to low business or employers are cutting costs by making their employees redundant. Hence, students on the verge of completing their studies are scared to come into the job market. Every individual is facing a challenge in some or other form.

Self-Assessment – Reskill, Upskill or New Skill

The first step while undertaking self-assessment is to do an introspection. If you are in a situation where you are unsure about your future, then take some time off and assess your available options. It would be best to get advised by professionals such as Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd.

Perhaps you need to reskill or upskill so that you remain relevant to the current requirements and can retain your job. Maybe the industry that you are currently working in has lost its relevance because of this pandemic, and you need to learn new skills. Learning new skills will not only allow you to make a career change but also ensure a career progression that you always wanted but did not dare.

While it is true that out of every crisis arises an opportunity, this is too is the fact that most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Therefore, get to work as now is the time to do what you always wanted to do, i.e. learn new skills, reskill and upskill.

We only get limited chances to have the things we want. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life. As the job market has changed post-pandemic, those who maintain their relevance will survive and thrive. Do not hesitate to upskill yourself by going for a higher qualification if you realise that this will open new avenues for you.

Why Should You Study To Learn New Skills?

There are many benefits to taking up studies and learning skills now.

  • During this uncertainty, when jobs are scarce, it is best to gain a new qualification and learn new skills. Your newly acquired skills will make you more eligible for the future job market. This process is also popularly called making yourself “future proof”.
  • If you have previously studied in New Zealand and are currently a work visa holder, consider study options which make you eligible for a second post-study work visa.
  • Suppose you are a student who is completing their studies and are eligible for one or two years of post-study work visa. Then you can consider continuing your studies which might make you eligible for three years of post-study work visa. For example, students who are currently pursuing diploma level 5 and 6 can consider continuing their studies and complete their bachelor’s degree and be eligible for three years of post-study work visa.
  • People currently on a dependent visa who have not studied previously in New Zealand can consider upskilling themselves and take up studies so that they become eligible for better career opportunities independently. They can even become the primary applicant in their Residence visa application should they meet other eligibility criteria.
  • If the current course that you are studying is not meeting your expectations, then you should consider reskilling yourself. This additional skill set will assist you in maintaining your relevance in the job market.
  • Studying now is a blessing in disguise as the education providers are currently providing scholarships and discounts, making it little easy on your budget.

Free Assessment

No matter what your situation is if you are in a dilemma or confused, you need to talk to someone who can give you more insight and help you in the right direction. Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd has always followed the policy of advising what is suitable for their client. Contact us for free counselling and free assessment session either in person or through a zoom call. We would be happy to assess your situation and give you honest advice.

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