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Resettlement For Afghan Nationals In New Zealand: Afghan Emergency Resettlement Visa

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What is Afghan Emergency Resettlement (AER) Visa?

The recent evacuees from Afghanistan will now have an opportunity to stay in New Zealand permanently under the Afghan Emergency Resettlement (AER) Visa category, recently introduced by the New Zealand Government. The holders of this category of visas will be able to benefit from housing support, funded health services, education and other Government services. It is worthwhile mentioning that Resettlement Case Officers have been assigned to the evacuees.

Who can apply for this AER visa?

Only Afghan citizens who were in Afghanistan on 15th August 2021 can apply for this visa.

What are the eligibility criteria for the AER Visa?

The evacuees who are eligible for the AER Visa are divided into 3 categories:

  • Holders of Critical Purpose Visa (along with their partners and dependent children) granted under section 61A of the Immigration Act 2009 following New Zealand Government agency verification
  • Holders of Critical Purpose Visa granted between 15th August 2021 and 12th September 2021 (dates are inclusive)
  • Holders of Temporary Entry Visas or Resident Visas who were in New Zealand before 12th September 2021

If the family members are overseas, will they be eligible to apply?

Partners and dependent children who are overseas may be able to make an application separately under partnership and dependent category of visas.

By which date the applications for AER Visa are to be made?

The applications must be submitted before 12th December 2021 and the applicant must be in New Zealand when they submit the application.

What are the fees for the AER Visa applications?

There is no fee charged for this category of applications.

What is the expected timeline for the for the AER Visa applications process?

Generally speaking, the applications under this category can be expected to be processed in a month’s time.

For more information on the AER Visa, please click on the link here.

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