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Residence Visa for New Zealand

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To be able to live in New Zealand permanently, you will need to have a Resident Visa. Most of the pathways that lead to New Zealand Resident Visa start with a Temporary Visa, which allows you to work, study or own a business in New Zealand.

There are a few types of visas, which may grant you residence right away, such as Skilled Migrant Category. However, you need to comply with any conditions attached to your visa, to ensure your pathway to the residence is not interrupted.

Migrating to a new country is a huge decision, and therefore before moving to New Zealand permanently, you will need to consider what visas you are eligible for and whether those visas will enable you to live in New Zealand permanently.

You also need to make sure that you are ready to move to New Zealand because you will need enough time to complete the requirements of your Temporary or Resident Visa conditions.

The government-funded public services that you will be able to access in New Zealand depend on the visa you hold. The easiest visa to get isn’t necessarily the best.

The range of popular visas that will allow you to live in New Zealand permanently are:

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