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Dependent Child Resident Visa

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Child Visa for Dependent Children

New Zealand’s immigration rules let you include your children on almost all types of visas based on their meeting the eligibility and assessment criteria. If children are single, financially dependent and of the right age, they can be included in their parent’s visa application. They also may be able to apply for an appropriate visa based on their relationship to their parent, if their parent already has or is applying for a visa, or is a New Zealand citizen.

Different rules apply to those who are considered a dependent child relying on whether parents are applying for a temporary visa, like a Visitor or Student Visa or a Resident Visa. However, dependent children aren’t eligible for work visas.

Parents on visitor visas whose children are aged 20 and above may not be able to include their children in their Visitor Visa applications or to apply for a visitor or student visa based on their relationship to their parents.

If your child does not meet the assessment criteria of being a dependent child, and they still want to come to New Zealand, they will have to make their own visa application.

On a Temporary Visa, you can have your dependent children apply for student or visitor visas to be with you in New Zealand. School-aged dependent children need a Student Visa to be able to attend primary, intermediate or secondary schools. Children younger than school age can apply for a Visitor Visa. A Student Visa is not needed and will not be granted to attend pre-school in New Zealand.

Dependent children of certain kinds of work and student visa holders can apply for a domestic fee-free student visa to allow them to go to school.

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