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Details of Sector Agreements for Specific AEWV Occupations Announced

Details of Sector Agreements for specific AEWV occupations announced

The Government has announced details of the sector agreements with aged care, seafood, meat processing, construction, and adventure tourism industries, which will come into effect from October 2022.

These sector agreements are time-limited exemptions to the requirements to help address worker shortages and in exchange for sectors agreeing to workforce improvements. They were developed in consultation with key sector bodies, unions, and government agencies, and the settings include pay rates, timeframes, and relevant roles.

These agreements are based on wage data for work visa holders and designed to fill skills gaps as businesses work towards more productive and resilient ways of operating while transitioning and building the skills needed.

Lower thresholds are already in place for some care and construction roles, which will continue until the sector agreements come into force on 31 October 2022.

The “Sector Agreements Factsheet” can be seen by clicking the link for complete details.The Government will monitor the progress of the expectations from sectors. The monitoring details are still being worked through with MBIE and the sector agencies, but it could involve six-monthly meetings with sector and union representatives to share monitoring data updates.

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