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Seven Invaluable Tips – Student Visa Interview

nz student visa interview tips

Question by Visa Officer

Why have you chosen your course, and how is it related to your qualification/work experience that you already have ?

Tip 1 – Why is the visa officer asking this question?

Before you proceed to answer this critical question, you will do well to appreciate that the visa officer is asking this question to understand how much planning went into, or how much thought and effort you have put into your course selection. Hence, make sure that your answer is structured to mitigate this concern of the visa officer.

Tip 2 – There is no right or wrong answer

Please note that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. You should use this opportunity to showcase your research about the selected course based on the skills you have learned and the knowledge you have gained while studying for your previous qualifications and gaining your work experience.

The most important thing is to remember that you will need to connect your previous qualifications/work experience to the course that you have chosen to study in New Zealand.

Tip 3 – Best way to prepare your answer

Write down the list of skills and experiences you gained through the process of getting your degree, and the internships that you have done. If you are struggling with that, think of all the assignments and project works you did in school—what skillsets did you acquire while working on those assignments and projects? How many of those skillsets relate to the course that you are going to do in New Zealand? Then, focus on those skills when answering this question in an interview.

Tip 4 – How to relate a seemingly non-related course

Even if your degree and work experience is not directly related to the job, you can probably find some connections between the two. Let us suppose you have an engineering degree, have worked as a management professional in a small to medium enterprise (SME). Still, you have selected a course in Supply Chain Management to study in New Zealand.

You might emphasize how, as a management professional with an engineering background while working in the SME, which dealt with supply chain management, made you realize the importance of studying this course.

Make a mention of how you realized that your existing skills are inadequate to effectively manage individual functions within this organization while integrating activities into key supply chain processes. Cover the aspect of how doing this course will give you the skillset to make the company that you will work for more efficient, competitive, and responsive to customer’s needs. Mention how important it is to take raw goods and turn them into products that reach customers. Explain how, via this course, you will learn to create a smooth supply chain and handle the entire distribution process, from the factory production line to the customer, based on the modules, subjects, and topics that you will study.

So, If your field of study does not necessarily relate to the course that you have selected, focus on how what you realized/learned prompted your course selection.

Gaining an education is invaluable, so if you answer carefully, you will be able to convince the visa officer that your selected course will help you fulfill the future career path that you are now choosing for yourself.

Tip 5 – do not be superficial in your answers

If you have selected a course related to e.g., supply chain management, then research and find out what goes into meeting customer needs throughout production, distribution, and the delivery of products. Try an understand the design and operation of international supply chains, transportation, and logistics networks, get an idea of how partnerships are built, and between whom.

Become familiar with the computer simulation programs, which are used to coordinate the flow of materials along a supply chain, and forecast customer demand to ensure that products arrive in time.

Learn what type of career opportunities are available after doing this course, at what level, and which are the companies that offer them ( both in New Zealand and Globally).

Tip 6 – Be honest and sincere

While you should do your best to relate your field of study and work experience to the course that you have selected to study, it is also essential to be honest, as an interviewer can easily spot if you are insincere.

The visa officer will be curious to see how effectively you have planned for your future, so honestly research your options, and note the factors that influenced your decision. If you did advanced research and planning by going on various websites, and recorded salary and development opportunities, this will provide a solid foundation for your answer.

Here is your chance to highlight your strengths, and to demonstrate how your chosen field of study will prepare you for your future.

Tip 7 – Relate your course choice to post-study opportunities available as publicised on government websites

In New Zealand the government of websites such as:

  • www.immigration.govt.nz
  • www. govt.nz
  • www.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz

Which cover the details of such opportunities, make sure that you have been on these websites and studies the information on relevant pages. You can also go on some of the popular job websites such as www.careers.govt.nz to research about the career prospects available in New Zealand after you complete your studies.


Focus on these seven tips, and you will easily be able to answer the – Why have you chosen your course, and how is it related to your previous qualification/work experience? Visa officer interview question.

If your field of study does not necessarily relate to the course that you have selected, focus on how what you learned can transfer or apply to the chosen path. An education is invaluable, so if you answer carefully, you will be able to convince the interviewer that your degree will help you fulfil the career path that you are now choosing for yourself.

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