Skill Shortages

Skills in Demand in New Zealand

One of the reasons New Zealand is such a popular destination is that it has a strong and growing economy. This presents problems, however, particularly in relation to skills. In other words, there are several industries and professions that have skills shortages.

The New Zealand Government publishes this list of skills in demand. Why is this important? In simple terms, it can make it easier to get a work or residence visa. You will still have to go through the process of submitting an application and getting approved, but it helps significantly if you have qualifications and experience in an industry that has a skills shortage, and you have been offered a job in that industry.

Types of Skills Shortage

The list of skills that are currently in demand in New Zealand are split into three categories:

  • Long term shortages
  • Immediate shortages
  • Canterbury shortages

Canterbury shortages are the skills need in the Canterbury region of the country as it continues efforts to rebuild following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

Current Skills Shortage Lists

The current Skills Shortage List covers the following areas:

  • Agriculture and forestry – Long-term and immediate shortages
  • Construction – Long-term, immediate, and for Canterbury
  • Education – Immediate shortages
  • Engineering – Long-term, immediate, and for Canterbury
  • Finance/business – Long-term shortages
  • Health and social services – Long-term and immediate shortages
  • ICT and electronics – Long-term and for Canterbury
  • Oil and gas – Immediate shortages
  • Recreation, hospitality, and tourism – Long-term and immediate shortages
  • Science – Long-term and immediate shortages
  • Trades – Long-term, immediate, and for Canterbury
  • Transport – Long-term and for Canterbury

There are still options for you if you don’t have skills, qualifications, or experience in any of the above industries. For example, you might be able to apply as a skilled migrant. One of our advisers can give you more information on this issue and more so contact us today.