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‘Skilled’ Criterion of the 2021 Resident Visa

Resident Visa

The announcement of the new 2021 Resident Visa on 30th September 2021 by the New Zealand Government has been welcomed by many migrants in the country as it offers an easy pathway to residence.

To be eligible for the new 2021 Resident Visa, applicants must have been in New Zealand on 29th September 2021 and be on an eligible visa or have applied for one before 29th September that is subsequently granted.

Besides the two mandatory criteria, applicants must also meet any one of the following criteria –settled, ‘skilled’ or scarce. In this article, we will talk about the ‘skilled’ criterion.

What is the ‘skilled’ criterion?

Applicants must ordinarily be paid at least NZD$27 per hour for an average of at least 30 hours per week on 29th September 2021 and on the date they apply for their new 2021 Resident Visa, to be eligible under the ‘skilled’ criteria.

Also, if an applicant has made an application for any visa, variation of conditions or requested reconsideration for an eligible visa that was subsequently granted and the applicant had an offer of employment with a remuneration of NZD$27 or more as on 29th September 2021

Those who are under contract services can qualify under this criterion provided they have a consistent history of contract work and a current service contract.

There is some respite for those temporarily impacted by COVID-19-related business disruption. They must be able to demonstrate that they were previously paid atleast NZD$27 per hour before the pandemic.

It is to be noted that employment-related allowances and performance bonuses are not included in the salary calculation.

Evidence Required

  • An employment agreement or a letter from their employer confirming the pay and hours; and
  • A bank statement or Inland Revenue summary of income or payslips

An important thing to remember is that evidence may be required to demonstrate an applicant’s current remuneration as well as their remuneration as on 29th September 2021.

For those who are paid less than NZD $27 per hour, they may be eligible for the new 2021 Resident Visa only if their occupation is considered scarce.

SO if you are confident that you meet the ‘skilled’ criterion of the new 2021 Resident Visa? Don’t miss the chance to gain easy residency in New Zealand!

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