Starting a Business

Starting a Business in New Zealand

You may be able to get a visa to come to New Zealand (a temporary visa or a permanent visa) if you start a business – the specific visa type that most often applies is an entrepreneur visa.

While the process of starting a business in New Zealand is easier than in most countries, you may need help and advice both with your visa application, and in regards to starting your business. Immigration Advisers New Zealand can help with both.

In terms of applying for the visa, this includes:

  • Giving you advice on the visa application and approval process, including assessing the likelihood that you will be approved.
  • Helping you with the preparation of supporting documentation. This includes help with preparing your business plan, if necessary.
  • Helping you complete other requirements of the visa, such as the transfer of capital to New Zealand to invest in the business.
  • Lodging your visa application and then liaising with Immigration New Zealand as it goes through the approval process.

We can also help you set up the business. This includes:

  • Giving advice on the types of company structures available in New Zealand. The most common are sole trader, partnership, or limited company but there are other structures too. This includes a look-through company (where you can offset business losses against personal income), a trading trust, or a co-operative.
  • Registering your company in New Zealand.
  • Registering you or your company with the tax authorities and getting you tax numbers.
  • Introducing you to lawyers and accountants.
  • Helping you conduct or commission market research.
  • Giving advice on specific rules that apply in certain local authority areas.
  • Setting up a bank account.
  • Checking you can use your preferred business name.
  • And more.

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