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In recent years, there has been significant growth in the number of students looking to study overseas. The New Zealand student visa has gained popularity for those wishing to study abroad. Whilst New Zealand’s reputation as a destination for quality education remains high, it faces competition both from its traditional rivals (the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany) and more recently from countries in Asia such as China and Japan.

Attracting international students represents an opportunity for universities around the world to gain access to talented individuals who will thrive in their environment and contribute positively in academic life. For New Zealand particularly, which already enjoys something of a reputation as a top-class educational destination among many international visitors, navigating this increasingly crowded playing field is essential for those planning ahead for future success.

Why New Zealand/ Advantages of Having a Student Visa NZ

The New Zealand Student Visa that allows international students to study in the country. The visa offers several advantages compared to other countries, including:

  • Access to high-quality education at much lower tuition fees
    Student Visa holders can access world-class education and training facilities at significantly lower tuition fees than many other universities around the world.
  • Part time work rights
    International students can use part-time work as an opportunity to develop workplace skills and gain valuable experience that can be beneficial when looking for full-time employment after graduating. Part-time jobs allow for up to 20 hours of work per week during semester and up to 40 hours per week during university holidays and vacation periods.
    Some of the part time jobs could be Retail sales assistant, Restaurant/bar staff, Hotel and hospitality staff, Childcare workers, Tour guides, Customer service representatives, Caregivers, Office administrators and Marketing and PR professionals.
  • Access to Post Study Work Visa
    Depending on the level of the course and duration of study in New Zealand, many students have the opportunity to apply for a Post-Study Work Visa, which can provide them with up to three years’ work experience in the country after their studies are complete.
  • Access to a vibrant and diverse culture
    New Zealand is known for its amazing cultural diversity, making it ideal for anyone looking to experience something new.
  • Easy application process
    Applying for a New Zealand student visa is easier than many other countries, as the country has an efficient and straightforward system in place.
  • No language barrier
    Many international students find it difficult to learn a foreign language when studying abroad, but with New Zealand’s English-speaking environment there is no language barrier or difficulty in understanding course material.
  • Stable political climate
    Unlike some parts of the world, New Zealand provides a safe and stable political climate which makes studying in the country easy and comfortable.
  • Abundant job opportunities after graduation
    After graduating from one of New Zealand’s universities or institutions, graduates have access to abundant job opportunities within New Zealand or even around the globe.

Visa Options to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic place to study. It offers excellent universities, schools, and other educational institutions. You will also enjoy the way of life here. Your route to studying in New Zealand is via a Student Visa

There are several options available, as well as things you need to know about student visas NZ. This includes the rules around work during and after your studies. You will find an overview of these issues on the following pages, or you can call us to speak to one of our expert immigration advisers about New Zealand Student Visas.

Type of student visas nz

To get a NZ student visa approved, you will need to show that you are a genuine student. That will include proof that you have enough funds to pay your tuition and support yourself without working (even though, on many Visas, you are entitled to work part-time.)

How to get student Visa / New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

Student visa process

The New Zealand Student Visa application process, much like most countries, is online. The documents need will include:

  • An Immigration NZ application form and fee
  • Proof of your identity
  • Your study plan (In some countries INZ has a template to use)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Your Offer of Place and Fees Statement

Immigration New Zealand will use your study plan to determine if your study is sensible, relevant, and a logical pathway. You are also expected to show a motivation to return home after you complete your study. If a part of your application is missing or there is not enough proof, Immigration New Zealand may refuse to issue a New Zealand visa student to you. However, around 90% of applicants get an Approval in Principle (AIP).Once you get an AIP, you can pay your tuition fees, get a receipt, send it to Immigration NZ, and your Student Visa NZ will be issued.

New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time and Cost

The processing of Student Visas New Zealand can take between two and six weeks to complete. Don’t worry – we will help you every step of the way.

The Student Visa NZ fee is decided by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Advantages and Disadvantages of studying in other countries

When it comes to attracting international students, there are both advantages and disadvantages for each of the key countries competing in the international student market.

  • USA – The United States is well known for its high-quality education system and world-renowned universities, and has a large number of students from across the globe. However, it can be expensive for international students to study there due to tuition fees and living costs that are comparatively much higher than in other countries.
  • Canada – Canada offers attractive tuition fees and living costs, but its visa system can be challenging for some potential students to navigate. Additionally, while it has an abundance of highly regarded universities, they may not necessarily be well-known on the global stage.
  • Australia – Australia has long been an attractive destination for international students seeking quality education at a reasonable cost – particularly popular among those interested in studying engineering or medicine. It also enjoys a favourable climate and strong support services available to help foreign students assimilate into life down under. On the downside, however, Australia’s visa requirements may be difficult for some applicants.
  • UK – The United Kingdom offers a great range of career pathways after graduating as well as access to some of the best universities in the world – not just in terms of academic excellence but also in terms of prestige. However, the UK’s stringent visa policies can make it difficult for potential students from certain countries. Additionally, its high cost of living presents another barrier for prospective candidates looking to study there.
  • Germany – Germany is becoming increasingly recognized for offering quality education with low tuition fees and relatively affordable living costs when compared with other European countries such as the UK or France. This affordability makes Germany an attractive option; however, language requirements can act as a deterrent since most courses are taught exclusively in German.
  • Asia – Finally, Asian countries like China and Japan have seen their popularity grow among international students due to their rich cultural heritages combined with excellent educational systems – although tuition prices may vary from one university to another depending on each institution’s individual criteria. Furthermore, different countries may impose restrictions on who can apply based on their country of origin or previous educational qualifications.

Get Help with your Student Visa application to Study in New Zealand

Migrating to New Zealand is possible if you have the benefit of knowing the right pathway. Study Pathway is one of the most popular and widely used options. If you do decide to study in New Zealand; contact us and leave the rest to us. Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. is an Education New Zealand Recognised Agency and one of the top immigration adviser services in Auckland and New Zealand. We have worked with hundreds of students to date, assisting them with the complete process of obtaining a student visa to study in New Zealand. Our team of experts, which comprises a Licensed Immigration Adviser team, works closely with each client, providing them personalized support throughout. So, contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. and let us help you with your New Zealand student visa.


The cost of studying in New Zealand varies from NZ$ 21,000 to NZ$ 49,000 depending on whether you want to do an under-graduate, graduate or post-graduate course and whether you select a university, polytechnic or private institute. Over and above this, you will need money for accommodation and living expenses – travel, food, gas, water, internet & electricity bills.

There are pathways for getting NZ residence especially if your qualifications leads to an occupation which is on New Zealand’s Green List.


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