Change Student Visa Conditions

Changing Student Visa Conditions

There are lots of reasons you might want or need to change the course you are studying while in New Zealand. Change Student VisaThis is possible in most circumstances, provided you meet the criteria. There is also a process for changing student visa conditions you will have to go through – we can help you with that process at Immigration Advisers New Zealand.

The first thing to remember is that you should not leave or end your current course until you get approval from Immigration New Zealand. If you do, the immigration authorities might regard it as breaking the terms of your current visa which can result in you having to leave the country.

What you have to do instead is apply for a variation of conditions. You must have the offer of a place at another recognised education provider before you do this. You will also need other information in addition to completing the application form.

Additional Information You Need When Changing Student Visa Conditions

  • Confirmation of your offer from the new course provider
  • Proof you have somewhere to live and enough money to live on
  • Proof that you have paid your tuition fees (or proof that you are exempt if you don’t have to pay them)
  • Proof that you have a return flight to leave New Zealand, or the money to buy one

Providing the Help You Need

One other thing you should remember is the process of varying the conditions of your visa usually does not change the expiry date. If this affects your plans we can look at your particular situation and provide advice on the best options.

For this or any other help in regard to changing student visa conditions, please contact us on 09 3790219.

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